Personalised Christmas List Bauble

Stunning large glass bauble containing your child's special message to Santa, a popular Christmas decoration to bring out year after year.

We remember years of sending our daughter's letter to Santa up draughty chimneys and hiding the charred remains in case she thought it hadn't reached the North Pole. Now we long to remember exactly what was on those lists! Although we do vividly remember the year when all it contained was a riding, hat.

Our Christmas List bauble enables you to keep this year's list forever, created as a parchment scroll embellished with jumping reindeer or almost elegant penguins and little snowflakes, inside a beautiful large glass bauble.

Or why not add your own choice of text? we have created parchment scrolls containing marriage proposals, anniversary wishes, invitations or just secret messages.

We will print your chosen text on high quality parchment and insert in our large glass baubles. You can choose to have a magical smattering of stars on the outside of your bauble or for us to add a sprinkle of glitter inside to catch the light. You can also choose from a list of colours of hanging ribbon.


Made from: 

Glass bauble with parchment insert hung on wide cotton taffeta ribbon.



Bauble 11cm diameter.


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