'In Your Own Words' Cherrywood Cards

A really beautiful and special card, using your own words we cut the card for you from cherry-wood, creating a little artwork by post.

We can cut your card with birthday wishes, a happy wedding or anniversary message or something more personal. These cute little card alternatives cut from beautiful cherry-wood can be used decoratively around the home, as little pieces of wall art, or can even be used on your desk as a coaster! 

Designed by us at Seahorse, our cards come complete with high quality envelopes or can be boxed in a brown manilla box trimmed with grosgrain ribbon.

Available in a choice of a chunky or script fonts with your own words.

Please note that if the word "and" appears in your text, we will change this to an ampersand (&) as this works better with this product.

Made from cherrywood.

Approx 13cm wide and 3mm thick.




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