'In Your Own Words' Wall Art

Create your own wall art in your own words with our stunning handmade wooden signs in a range of bright or pastel hues.

A brilliant wedding gift, for a special birthday or something to brighten up your own home. Remember favourite family phrases, birthdays or send a message to someone you love. Or for the hopelessly romantic why not spell out your names on the wall.

Designed by us at Seahorse, our wooden message wall art comes as a cute little sign, ideal for a small Valentines gift for example or as a large sign to make a real statement on your walls.

Made from:
Cut from birch wood and painted with a high quality matt paint with brass wall mountings on the back.


Small sign up to 40cm wide and 30cm deep,

large signs up to 60cm wide and 40cm deep

extra large up to 80cm wide and 45cm deep.

These are maximum dimensions - actual size will vary a little according to the specific text in each wall art.

Choose from small, large or extra large signs in a script or chunky font, in a variety of on-trend colours. You can choose up to six words for your sign (for large and extra large signs). If you need us to include more words do ask and we can see if we can get it to work for you.

Having made a number of different orders now we suggest for small wall art there is no more than 2-3 words in script text otherwise the letters becomes very small and thin and lose impact. The chunkier font works better at the small size for more words.

Please note that if the word "and" appears in your text, we will change this to an ampersand (&) as this works better with this product, making it more secure and easier to read.

All signs come complete with picture framers brass fixing hooks on the back so that the wall art can be hung. Although you could use some heavier duty double sided sticky pads - I have to admit to doing that when I took the pics!


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